Our luxury Down Collection is the foundations of an exceptional sleep experience. Our high-quality fills are Hand selected and treated with an intensive cleaning and dust removal process. Our down fills are 100% Hypoallergenic and available in a variety of fills and weights. We carefully select our down and feather from the finest available in the market today.

Our collection also includes 100% Mulberry Silk Filled Duvet Inserts that provide one of the most comfortable and breathable sleeps. Silk Filament is naturally hypoallergenic - ideal for those with allergies. Silk is breathable: warm in winter and cool in summer. 
Silk filaments have 33%-38% of space in structure, which can keep air and moisture in or out, depending on weather conditions.
In hot weather, silk can absorb and transfer extra heat and moisture and thus keep a comfortable sleeping environment. In cold weather, because of the air in the structure of the silk filaments, the duvet is insulated so that the heat inside is not lost. 
In this way, the silk filled duvet is able to “breathe”. It can create the unique “warm in winter, cool in summer” effect for which it is renowned.

Extraordinary fills for an Extraordinary Sleep.